Live Fish Shipping

One of the common questions we get asked is how do you ship live fish all over Australia?

All our live fish are shipped with a premium Next day service and are only shipped on Mondays & Tuesday’s. Your order must be in by Sunday Night 7:00 PM Queensland time to be able to be dispatched the following Mondays/Tuesdays. Orders which fall out of this time may be held until the following week

Public Holidays:

We do not ship Live Fish orders out following a long weekend, or weeks where a public holiday falls on the Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, or Thursday (Excludes local council holidays and some state holiday where couriers continue services)

Shipping Costs:

Aquarium Central provides a flat rate shipping of fish from $25.00 per order (startrack/Aramex) whether you buy 1 or 100 fish the charge will be $25.00 Conditions apply. * Exludes TOLL PRIORITY 

Shipping Procedures:

Aquarium Central takes great care in making sure that your fish is in good health. Please note that the pictures on our website indicate the colouring of a full-grown fish usually a male. We sell all our fish un-sexed unless specified ie male guppy, so we cannot guarantee males or females and their colouring.

Once your order has been dispatched, our courier partners will send you an email with the tracking number so you can check the progress of your delivery. Please note that tracking takes place on our couriers’ partners website and we cannot control possible delays.

Your fish will be carefully packed, in specially designed fish transportation bags, with freshwater and a dose of special shipping solution. We then inject 100% pure oxygen into the bag and close it off. Your fish are then packed carefully into Styrofoam boxes to keep them warn and snug during transit

*For WA Customers, Please note that the WA Quarantine Department can check your shipment of live fish and bill YOU the customer for this, please see your local quarantine inspection for charges related to importing live fish.

We do not ship live to NT and TAS customers due to quarantine restrictions unless you have a permit, permit holders will need to email us a copy of the permit before shipping.

Prohibited Fish:

Individual council and state laws may prevent importing of certain fish/plants to your area. It is up to YOU the customer to be aware of your own local laws. Aquarium Central take not responsibility of fish/plants being destroyed or any associated cost if a customer tries to buy prohibited goods to their area

Fish Substitution: 

In the even that fish are quality rejected or sold out, fish substitution is available by request. When purchasing live fish, you will be asked at the checkout if you agree to: substitution in the event of quality rejection or insufficient stock. 


YES – We will substitute any unavailability’s with like for like stock to equal or greater value, we will remain in the same family of species ie Tetra for Tetra and will not send you non compatible fish, ie Goldfish in replacement of Tetra.  example of a substitution, customer orders Neon Tetra, an acceptable replacement would be Cardinal Tetra

NO – Any unavailability’s will be refunded (if more than 50% of is unavailable then entire order will be put on hold or refunded)

DOA Policy:


Please read the DOA terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase

We offer our customers a live fish arrival guarantee. In the event that you have D.O.A  please follow the instructions on the box carefully. We will then arrange a credit for you through our system if warranted.

To read our full TERMS & CONDITIONS of purchaseing fish and DOA policy conditions please click here…